Sunday, September 27, 2015

Aquaforte Club Paddle

PNL holds an annual paddle in Aquaforte followed by a BBQ and this is my first year joining in.
This was an excellent trip.  We had a great day, saw some animals, and nice scenery.

We all pulled in and started unloading and packing our boats.

Before we headed out we all got together and had a little group meeting to discuss our plans for the day.

Here is the view down the bay from our launch point.

We were in no rush, we all took our time and made our way down chatting about different things and more trips we wanted to do before winter.

 I like the clouds in this picture.  We had a really nice day, perfect paddling weather.

This is really cool set of shots I took.  I set the camera to rapid fire and Terry demonstrated the roll.


Hip snap.


I think he did 4 rolls for me just to make sure I got a good set of shots haha.
Looks awesome Terry!

This is a great shot.  Over to the right of the island is the Ferryland Lighthouse Picnic.

Found a Huge arch just before we crossed over for lunch.  This was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  

This is the backside of the Arch.

Hazen took a picture of me as we made our crossing over to have lunch.

We had the wind at our faces paddling across so it was a bit of work but when we made it across we found a great spot to stop for a snack.

We fueled up just in time because on our way back we found...

We must have spent a half hour at least playing in this.  The funnest part of the trip for me for sure.

After our fun in the falls we continued on our way back to the cars.
about half way back we found some seals and a couple goats.

Back to the cars and loaded up.  Now off to Gerard's house for some BBQ and a beer.

We got to Gerard's place in Calvert and Hazen and Gerard broke out the grub and started cooking.

Hazen on the grill.  Good burgers and sausages.  Perfect meal to end the day with.

We had a few short showers while we were waiting on the food to be ready and got a chance to take a great picture of a rainbow.  This is the view off of Gerard's back deck in Calvert. 

I had an excellent first year with the club and this was the perfect way to end off the paddling season.
Thanks to PNL and Hazen for all the great trips and thanks to Gerard for hosting the BBQ.
Can't wait til next year!

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