Friday, November 13, 2015

Remembrance Day Tors Cove

Wednesday we had some decent weather and the day off so 10 of us got together for a paddle in Tors Cove.

My favorite quote of the day was from Dean- "This Is Sea Kayaking"
Here is a video of what brought us that quote.
Here is the link for the you tube video.  Its a little better quality.
Tors Cove is always a little intimidating for me but my next trip out there I'm going to push myself a little farther.

I started the trip with a fun seal launch

Here we are ready to head out.

Here is a good shot of us heading to Ship Island

So much nice scenery out here.

Sorry I didn't get a lot of individual photos but I have lots of video

I really like this Picture!


Some parts of the day were fairly calm and other parts were a lot of fun and kept you on your toes...

Little clip of Dean


 Lunch time at La Manche!  Here is a good picture of everyone.

This is another favorite picture of mine...this one might get hung on the wall.

One of my favorite parts of the day was on our way back we stopped at this Irish Loop coffee shop.  

Here is the view out the coffee shop window behind us.

Had an awesome day!  To everyone that joined in...Thanks for all the fun!!
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