Friday, April 8, 2016

Camera Mount

A bunch of us are heading to Placentia tomorrow for a paddle and the currents are suppose to be running fairly strong so I would say we will have a good opportunity for some pictures and video.
About a month ago I came up with the only idea I could think of for a camera mount for my Nordkapp without drilling holes....

It worked but needless to say it wasn't the prettiest thing to look at, and it was kind of loose to some bigger waves or a few rolls would probably knock it around.

I really wanted to have a decent set up for tomorrow to take some video so after staring at my kayak for a while I realized the toggles that hold the deck lines on are bolted.  They are held on with threaded inserts so I came up with a MUCH simpler idea

I made a small adapter with two holes, one to let a longer bolt slide down through where the original bolt was and one hole threaded to accept the camera mount.

Much cleaner looking way to do this and it seems to be very ridged.  We'll see how it holds up tomorrow! 

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