Monday, June 20, 2016

Placentia Surfing

Yesterday a few of us went out to Placentia again to get one more day in the current before the guys do their level 3 in July.  I've spent a lot of time in Placentia this year but every time I go its something a little different.  The forecast had said 40km/h SW winds so we guessed we would get a few bigger waves from the wind against tide effect, but the main reason for going was the current under the bridge.

As I drove down approaching the bridge in Placentia I instantly got excited when I saw the water knowing it was only going to get bigger as the day went on.

I took a picture before I got all geared up and it was getting large then.

This is about as fast as the current got.  Not as challenging as some of our past trips out here but it was fun to play around on the rolling waves coming in.
Ron having a go at it.

Neville cruising on up.

We stopped to have a rest and some lunch before the tide got too low so we didn't miss anything exciting.

The bys relaxing and enjoying the sunshine!

Our Beauties!
Ron's Aquanaut, Neville's Victory, and My Nordkapp RM. 

We went back and forth from the larger waves out by the buoy to playing under the bridge when we needed a little rest to catch our breath haha.
Here is a few stills I took from the video.

The waves weren't following one direction.  You'd be surfing along one way then a wave would smack you from the side.

At times I would get up some good speed and catch the wave in front of me.  It was pretty cool to watch my bow dig in to the wave ahead of me as I passed through it.

This wave was SO close to putting me over I surprised myself when my braces kept me up.
You'll see in the video this hits me then I almost go over on one side, brace then almost go on the other. 

Fun day for sure!
By far the most challenging conditions I've been in so far.  I know I've said that before but I guess that's the whole idea of progression.  Its been almost a year since I met a great group of friends/teachers and started sea kayaking.  Its pretty cool to think about last year this time vs. now and the difference in what I'm willing to do and try. 
So thanks guys its been an AWESOME year!!!!

Check out the video of our trip:
Great time in Placentia Neville and Ron ... Thanks!

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