Monday, July 18, 2016

Pinchgut Club Paddle

Sunday a club paddle was scheduled for Cape Broyle, but due to weather condition it was decided that Pinchgut would be a more appropriate option for a club paddle.
We all met up at the TCH Irving and hit the highway towards Colinet.

After about an hour and 20 minutes of driving we arrived at our put in, geared up and got on the water.
A few of us played around a bit until the group was all ready to get moving.

After we had our little pre game chat we decided to paddle up Colinet River to the falls to play around for a few minutes.
As we paddle up the river the Salmon were jumping all over the place.  That was the first time I've seen so many Salmon jumping like that clear out of the water.

We got up to the falls and had some fun playing around and trying out a few rolls then carried on back down the river.
We continued on out Colinet Arm about 3km then decided to stop for lunch before making our way across to Pinchgut.

We had a nice break for lunch, and Sue passed around some cookies that were delicious! (Thanks Sue)

After we had a rest and got some food into our bellies we made our crossing and continued on for another 4km or so before turning around making our trip total for the day around 18km!
Excellent paddle!
Thanks to all who joined in the fun!
And thanks to Dave and Hazen for putting the trip together!

After we got back to the beach Hazen, Dave, Ryan and myself decided to paddle back up the river to play around in the falls some more.
Here is a little clip of our fun:

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  1. By the way Dean, Hazen well exceeded his 4 roll minimum!