Monday, August 1, 2016

Chance Cove Surfing!

Last week Brian sent out an email to see if there was any interest in going to Chance Cove to try a bit of surfing.  I've been waiting for this for months so I said yes right away and Cathy, Gary, and Dave joined in as well.
It's a 2 hour drive so our plan was to drive out late Saturday afternoon, set up camp, then have the night to cook supper and relax.  Worked out perfectly we had a great night and you could see every star in the sky.

First things first...set up camp.
Brian is going on a trip late this week so he had his camper in the back of his truck.
I set up my hammock on prime real estate.
I finally figured out my set up that gives me plenty of room for cooking and changing.

Unfortunately for Brian the park was full and the event of the night/morning was Karaoke.
Us tucked away in the woods didn't get to hear too much of that.
Slept like a baby!

After we had our tents set up we went for a little walk down the beach while we waited for Brian's charcoal bbq to be ready.

Really nice park here! The view is excellent.

 This is the lake side of the beach.

Looking at the smaller waves and getting excited about what we will get tomorrow!

Little shot of Brian walking down the trail.

Cathy and Gary showed up just as we were bring our food up to cook.  They already ate so me and Brian carried on while they set up their tent.
Myself and Brian both had homemade burgers for supper.  Brian brought along a little charcoal grill that worked out perfect.

Brians Burger:

And mine:

Brian gave me a beer to wash it all down!
Perfect camp supper!

After supper we just enjoyed a few drinks and relaxed by the fire.
Million dollar view from my Ocean front property!

Not a "Roestenberg Special", but it did the trick all the same ;-)

I was up fairly early and just relaxed in my hammock and listened to music while I waited for the others to start moving around.

We all got up and took our time with breakfast and around 9:30 we noticed things looked like they were getting interesting on the water.  That was it we packed up our camping gear and started to get ready to play.  Dave showed up just in time. 
We carried our boats down then got our gear on and hit the water!
I used my Karma RG for the majority of the day and it was AWESOME!!!  If I only use this boat a few times a year just for surfing its worth it!
I tried my Nordkapp RM too but it was very difficult to control.  I only used it for maybe an hour and don't get me wrong I love my Nordkapp...but it cant touch the RG for surfing fun.
I put together a little video of some of the fun we had.  I missed a lot due to a full memory card but you'll get the idea.
What an perfect day!  One of the funnest times I've had in a kayak.
Thanks for getting this on the go Brian!
Everyone on the trip...I had a blast as always!  Can't wait till our next adventure!

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  1. Awesome blog, video and pix friends and surf times!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great intro to surfing to whet our appetites!! I'm sure Lucy prefers the excursions and touring, and happy to leave the surf to Super Juice! :) You had some great surfs Shane! WTG!!!!! We need to do his more often! :) Thanks Brian for getting it on the go! Thanks guys for another awesome time! :)