Sunday, November 20, 2016

Waterfalls and More!

I've been wanting to go to Cape Broyle for a few months now and this weekend we finally made the trip down.  Last time I was in Cape Broyle was in March and we paddled through slush in the harbor and paddled by frozen waterfalls along the shoreline. 
Dean picked me up Saturday morning and we met up with Tony in Bay Bulls and headed down.  Its a bit of a drive down to Cape Broyle but well worth it as you'll soon see.

Didn't take long to get out gear on and the boats on the water.

We made our way up the North shoreline until we hit our first waterfall.

I'm not too familiar with the names of all the coves here but Tony has them mastered so you can check out his blog here:

After we had our fun here we crossed over to the South shore and continued on our way.
Cape Broyle is definitely one of the most beautiful places I've been kayaking so far.
Tony was right in his blog...I had no idea what I was looking at but I certainly liked what I saw.

This is by far my favorite shot of the day!

Tony leading the way!

A lineup of small caves that caught my eye.

This little tunnel is one of my favorite parts of paddling Cape Broyle.  It's a lot of fun and at times can be a bit challenging.

More waterfalls we had some fun with before moving on.

This place is action packed with waterfalls and caves! 
So much fun!

The closer we got the headland the more exciting the conditions became.  This is where I get really excited paddling in big water with the occasional breaking wave.  Normally this would be the highlight of my trip, but Ill have to call it a draw here just because the scenery is incredible! 

I believe it was Church Cove we stopped at for a little stretch and some lunch.
We had about a half dozen seals playing around just in front of the beach that made for good entertainment.

I case you were wondering .....Yep all Nordkapps!

When we finished lunch I just assumed it was our hallway point as it usually is with all our day paddles.  As I pointed my bow back the way we came Tony pointed his further on.  Dean's comment..."Follow Tony".

We paddled all the way out to the headland doing our usual thing, playing between the rocks and in the caves.  This was the last waterfalls we saw for the day.  Not sure what the tally was but I'm willing to bet it was over half a dozen.

We paddled on a little further past this point into the open Ocean.  The wind had picked up as the day went on and by the time we got to the headland the waves were pushing the two meter mark.  Dean got some good pictures on his blog:  There were some waves that I would climb the face of and get that feeling in my stomach when I would drop off the back, like when your in an elevator.  We would have the occasional wave break on us that put our bracing skills to the test.  Needless to say the ride back was 10/10 for fun!
I love paddling Cape Broyle and can't wait until our next trip out there.
As always we finished our day with a hot cup of coffee from the local restaurant.
Awesome day by's!

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  1. Awesome day Shane with you and Dean! Thanks for the pix.