Sunday, July 23, 2017

Intro to Kayak Camping

Each year Dean and Hazen do an Intro to Kayak Camping trip open to all club members.  This year Hazen was out of the province and Dean was fighting a shoulder injury and couldn't fully commit to going, so he asked me if I wanted to take over this year.  I had already cancelled a club paddle earlier in the month so I said yes to try to make up for the lost paddle.

I asked Dean, Brian, and Ron for their advice leading up to, and during the trip because this was my first time leading a club paddle.  When I paddle with my regular group we paddle in whatever the conditions are that day.  We haven't hit the point (YET) where we decided to stay home or on the beach.  Its a lot more to think about when your doing this stuff with people you don't regularly paddle with.  The wind was hitting the top end of level 1, but myself, Brian, and Ron thought it would be manageable and we had a back up if the weather got worse.

We all Met at the TCH Irving and headed to Admiral's Beach from there.  
We got the boats loaded and our gear on and took off to Great Colinet Island.

 Crossing over to the Island.

 I saw Gary head closer to shore to play around a few rocks and I just couldn't help myself...I had to follow.

On our way to Mosquito Cove. 

Mosquito Cove!  Very nice little beach!

We got to Mosquito Cove and stopped for a good half hour for some lunch and just to lounge on the beach.

We expected a bit of wind and waves and we got closer to Wild Cove and turning into Wild Cove but we got a bit more than expected.

A good number of the people on this trip were level 1 paddlers, a few new to the sport, but I was amazed at how well they all handled the unexpected conditions!  I think I was more nervous than anyone else....

Anyway we all made it around the point and after dealing with a small bit of surf we were happily on the beach.  Brian stepped up here and made things happen pretty smoothly!

It was time to set up camp and I went to my regular spot where myself and Dean cleared for our hammocks last year.  Once everyone was settled away and relaxed for a while we gathered around the fire and got our suppers going.  I had my fire grilled steak as always!

After supper we went for a little walk up the hill.  I forgot how beautiful this place was.

On top of the hill looking back at camp.

So we get to the top of the hill and this is my favourite part!

Like something out of a movie!  You really appreciate our province once you get out and explore a bit!

 The tenters...they don't know what they're missing dean.

Although Tony wasn't on this trip Abigale did a good job filling his shoes with a Rostenburg Special.

 Drinks, Junk Food, and Laughs by the fire!

Here's a shot I took of most of the group.  Jenn and Barb came up as we were walking back.

We had an excellent trip with great company!  Its fair to say that we might have slightly stepped above level 1 conditions at points along the way, but the group handled it like champions!
Thanks guys I can't wait to go again next year!
And thanks to Brian and Ron for the help and advice!


  1. Brian is THE man!

    And, hey, who took my tent to Wlld Cove? I have the same tent as Cathy and I see two in one of the shots.

    It might not have been strictly level I conditions but there were enough experienced paddlers there to guide and care for the newbies. Everyone needs to be pushed out of their comfort zones; its a chance to grow.

    Any paddle when there's no "incident" is a good paddle Good job leading buddy!

  2. It was a great time with an awesome team!!!! So impressed with the new paddlers! A ton of fun!!! Thanks Shane! And everyone on the trip!! :)

  3. Ditto for me Shane. For myself I Agree with Tony on the need to step out of comfort zones. Doing it is the only way to know what you can achieve.Again, thanks for leading.