Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wednesday Night Kick Off

Yesterday was our first Wednesday night practice for the year.  
We get together every Wednesday evening to play/practice in St. Philip's and depending on the weather we'll either head to Topsail Beach, Portugal Cove, or if its really windy we'll stick close to the cove and play.

There is still a good bit of ice packed in along the shore on the way down to Portugal Cove and this was my first time ever seeing pack ice like last week so it was fun to get out and explore a bit in my kayak.

Tony was the first one out and I wasn't far behind so we played around the ice a bit while we waited for Brian and Terry.
Decided to park my boat on an ice pan and take a break....and a picture!

  Cool how you can see a much larger mass of ice under the water.

Brian having a run at our "Ice Hopping" night.

When Terry caught up we took off to Portugal cove.

I took my RG tonight because I expected a small bit of swell to play around the ice and the rocks, but it was a fairly calm night with just small wind waves.  It was still a fun night but a bit of extra effort for myself and Brian in our shorter kayaks.

 Still some pretty large ice pans kicking around... looks like Mini Bergs to me.

Our favourite passage on the way to PC.
A little blocked up with ice but we managed to squeeze through.

At one point I paddled up onto an ice pan and asked Tony to take a picture...Thanks Tony!
I did a fun little seal launch off of the steeper ice pan next to me.

We made it as far a Beachy Cove and decided we had out fill for the night and headed back to St. Philip's.

So that wraps up out first Wednesday night practice of 2017!
Nothing too crazy but fun all the same...I can't think of too many time I didn't have fun in a kayak!

Monday, April 10, 2017


Saturday night I sent out an e-mail saying I was heading to Ferryland in the morning to see the big Iceberg that has been sitting about 2 km off shore.  Brian was the only one interested in this adventure so we met in Bay Bulls and from there I rode with him.  Its a bit of a drive out to Ferryland, but well worth it!  This was my first time kayaking in Ferryland, and even without the iceberg its and excellent place to spend the day kayaking.

 Shot from shore where we were trying to see if we could get out.  No luck so we headed down to Freshwater Cove.

And the adventure begins!

Here we are about 500m off shore heading towards Crow Island.
Our main reason for coming here the background.

Larina did a presentation last Wednesday night about sea life and our interaction with them and a good part of her presentation was about I thought Id add at least one good picture! 

Even from a kilometre away this berg still looks massive!

I got a few different shots as we made our way around.  Its cool to see as you make your way around something this big whats hiding on the other side.

Great picture of Brian and the berg!  Look off to the far right and you can see the lighthouse on the point in Ferryland.

Few more shots of this beast! 

This is what I mean about seeing what hiding behind what you see from shore.
This is my favourite picture!

This is a perfect example of why you should keep a safe distance from icebergs.  There is a huge crack running down the end of this berg that Brian spotted, and it looks like its ready to break free at any moment.  A Chunk that size with a kayaker too close would certainly cause some damage!

After we had our fill of the iceberg we decided to make our way around into Ferryland for our lunch.
This is one of my favourite pictures of the day!

The wind had really picked up just as we left the iceberg to head to the Lighthouse.  Normally the guys will go through the passage called Hare's Ears, but as you can see it was a bit choppy for a space that tight.

Great pic of Brian with the Ferryland Lighthouse in the back!

The Lighthouse is now a summer tourist attraction where you pick your meal of choice and a spot out on the hill and you have a picnic brought out to you.
I've done this once before and its a pretty cool thing to do if you want to try something different! 

Once we got around the lighthouse and were heading into Ferryland where we were face into the wind and it was definitely not an easy task!
I didn't take any pictures of our way into Ferryland because I would loose too much ground in the time it would take me to get my camera out and take the picture.  
Here we are just getting ready to pull in for a much needed rest and some lunch.

 The last few weeks most of the bays in the area were filled with pack ice so we got close to the leftovers to take some good pictures.

Lunch Time!  Just pulled up on the beach in Ferryland.

 After lunch we could have made it easily back out around to the lighthouse, but coming back in the way we came out might have been too much of a challenge.  We decided to walk over to Freshwater Cove where the truck was parked and come back to get our kayaks.  It seemed a bit to early to call it quits so we headed back to our original launch point and went for round two!
This time our goal was to make it down to Aquafort to play in the river about half way in.

Launch #2!

When we made our way out of Freshwater Cove to head down to Aquafort we were surprised to find the wind had gotten even stronger!
My guess is we were paddling into a very solid 40-45km/h wind.
We made it 100m from the Aquafort Harbour where we found a little cove we could catch our breath in, and as we were sitting there watching the wind blow the tops off of the waves we both agreed that we gave it a good effort but should probably head back.  

You can see the wind had some power behind it.

The ride back was a lot more fun than the ride down, catching a few good mini surf rides on the waves!

 Brian enjoying the wind pushing him along

 Last shot of the day with the King Berg in the background!

What an awesome day!  This winter hasn't been the best for being able to get out in our kayaks this year, but after today I think winter is calming down and we'll be back to our weekly trips!
Even tho the wind was more than expected it was still a lot of fun...even the hard legs of the trip into the wind!
Ferryland is definitely on my list of places to go back to this summer!
Thanks for the day Brian!  Always a good time buddy! 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Finally Got Out!

Saturday shaped up to be a pretty nice day, so I sent out an e-mail to see if anyone would be interested in a short paddle out of St. Philips.  Most of the group was busy with other things but Brian wrote back and said he was good to go. 
It's been well over a month since I've been in my kayak so I was pretty excited to finally get back on the water.

Heading out of St. Philip's

The wind was SW 30km/h gusting to 45km/h so we headed to Topsail Beach.  Fair to say it was a good workout paddling into wind that strong.

We stopped at each point on the way up to get a bit of shelter from the wind and take a few short breaks.

Bell Island.

We had a good time paddling up and even more fun catching a few small surf rides on the way back.


Wednesdays are starting up soon so ill be back to weekly paddles!  Can't wait!
Thanks for joining Brian it was awesome to get out!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Waterfalls and More!

I've been wanting to go to Cape Broyle for a few months now and this weekend we finally made the trip down.  Last time I was in Cape Broyle was in March and we paddled through slush in the harbor and paddled by frozen waterfalls along the shoreline. 
Dean picked me up Saturday morning and we met up with Tony in Bay Bulls and headed down.  Its a bit of a drive down to Cape Broyle but well worth it as you'll soon see.

Didn't take long to get out gear on and the boats on the water.

We made our way up the North shoreline until we hit our first waterfall.

I'm not too familiar with the names of all the coves here but Tony has them mastered so you can check out his blog here:

After we had our fun here we crossed over to the South shore and continued on our way.
Cape Broyle is definitely one of the most beautiful places I've been kayaking so far.
Tony was right in his blog...I had no idea what I was looking at but I certainly liked what I saw.

This is by far my favorite shot of the day!

Tony leading the way!

A lineup of small caves that caught my eye.

This little tunnel is one of my favorite parts of paddling Cape Broyle.  It's a lot of fun and at times can be a bit challenging.


More waterfalls we had some fun with before moving on.



This place is action packed with waterfalls and caves! 
So much fun!

The closer we got the headland the more exciting the conditions became.  This is where I get really excited paddling in big water with the occasional breaking wave.  Normally this would be the highlight of my trip, but Ill have to call it a draw here just because the scenery is incredible! 

I believe it was Church Cove we stopped at for a little stretch and some lunch.
We had about a half dozen seals playing around just in front of the beach that made for good entertainment.

I case you were wondering .....Yep all Nordkapps!

When we finished lunch I just assumed it was our hallway point as it usually is with all our day paddles.  As I pointed my bow back the way we came Tony pointed his further on.  Dean's comment..."Follow Tony".

We paddled all the way out to the headland doing our usual thing, playing between the rocks and in the caves.  This was the last waterfalls we saw for the day.  Not sure what the tally was but I'm willing to bet it was over half a dozen.

We paddled on a little further past this point into the open Ocean.  The wind had picked up as the day went on and by the time we got to the headland the waves were pushing the two meter mark.  Dean got some good pictures on his blog:  There were some waves that I would climb the face of and get that feeling in my stomach when I would drop off the back, like when your in an elevator.  We would have the occasional wave break on us that put our bracing skills to the test.  Needless to say the ride back was 10/10 for fun!
I love paddling Cape Broyle and can't wait until our next trip out there.
As always we finished our day with a hot cup of coffee from the local restaurant.
Awesome day by's!