Sunday, October 25, 2015

St. Philip's to Topsail

I really wanted to go for a paddle today so I sent out an email Friday to see who was interested.
A few people were either busy with other plans or sick but we managed to get a group of 4 out today.
Brian, Julie, Cathy, and myself had a great time on our trip to Topsail beach.

I was surprised it was so choppy today but that's what made it more fun.  Group shot of Brian, Cathy, and Julie

Cathy...she was in some pretty good stuff here.



Gives a pretty good idea of how big the waves were today.  I like this picture!

Another nice shot.  

I was busy paying attention to my camera and not the waves.  At the last second of the video you can see a big wave caught me off guard.  I didn't tip over... here...thanks to my friends giving me a heads up haha.
Here's the still at the end of the video

We made it to Topsail and pulled up on the beach for a rest and a snack.  We had a chat about different boats and swimming and then took off back to St. Philips

 I like this one of Julie and Brian on our way back.

One more shot of the goes Brian, Cathy, Julie.

So I thought I would finish today's post with some humour.

 Here I am thinking about it.
 Here I am going for it.
 And I almost made it when...

This was a really fun day I got wet a few times but that's all the more fun.  I think everyone enjoyed the was a fun trip to Topsail back.  Thanks Brian, Julie, and Cathy for the great day and especially thanks to Brian for helping get back in my boat a few times and Cathy for the great pictures.
If you guys are up for another laugh check out this video.

this link shows a better video.

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