Sunday, April 17, 2016

Norman's Cove Short and Sweet!

Today I took my boys out to see their Nanny so I figured Id bring my kayak and see if I could sneak away for an hour for a quick paddle.  No issues there Nan was more than happy to have some quality time with the boys so off I went.

Just crossed over from the boat launch and followed the shoreline around.

Few scattered rock sticking up I could meander around

From here I crossed over and made my way up the shoreline.

The wind was picking up pretty good so because I was on a time budget and paddling back into the wind I decided to start my way back.

  I paddled over to a little island to have a look on my way back.  It looked like I could get a few decent pictures...
I was only gone a little over an hour but I got my kayaking fix for the weekend and a few decent pictures.  Next time I go I'll make a day of it and make my way around to Spread Eagle.
I made a GP with wider rounded tips last week so I tried that out on the way back and I liked it a lot.  I noticed it had a little more bite which is what I was going for when I made it.
This was what I would call my second solo paddle and I gotta say I was WAY more comfortable this time around than I was on my Kelly's Island trip.

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  1. Glad you got out Shane, but we missed you on the paddle to Cupids!