Monday, April 11, 2016

Placentia Play

Mid last week Terry sent out an email to see who was interested in going to Placentia to play/practice in the current under the lift bridge caused by the dropping tide.  Myself and I believe 8 others decided to join Terry on Saturday morning for some fun.





Dean in front and Ron over to the left


and Gary showing us all how its done!

I got knocked over a few times so here is a few shots from one of my rolls

On my way over

Upside down

And right side up again!

As always we make time for a little snack on the beach!

I think we all had a turn trying to paddle up the current.  This was a heck of a workout because a one second pause set you back 10 feet haha.

This was a lot of fun for everyone!  I really enjoyed it because it was my first time paddling in currents like this and it was a lot of fun to practice crossing the eddy lines....and to practice rolls when I did something wrong haha.
With the great weather and all the fun we couldn't have asked for a better day!

I put together a video of the day, you can check it out here-

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  1. Three knock downs and three rolls. Awesmesauce!!!

    Tony :-)