Sunday, May 15, 2016

Chance Cove

This weekend it was decided that a paddle in Chance Cove would be good as a few of us have never been there and the weather was ideal.
When we got to Chance Cove there was pretty heavy fog but by the time we got the kayaks in the water it was clearing off.

Having never been here I didn't know what to expect from the day.  I asked Tony should I wear my hat or helmet, it didn't look like we would get into anything to crazy from shore, but I chose the helmet just in case.  I'm glad I chose my helmet...
This place it AWESOME!
Dean having some fun.

As we were paddling along a beach myself and Derrick were in the "surf zone" not paying too much attention and before we knew it there was a big wave headed our way.  We pointed our boats at the wave and started paddling.  I remember looking over and seeing Derrick rolling up and just as the wave reached the front of my kayak it broke and came piling into me.  I tried to brace but it failed then I ended up rolling up and right away I saw another wave that seemed bigger than the first.  I started paddling hard to try to crest the wave before it broke but I wasn't fast enough.  As my kayak climbed the wave it broke on top of me again but this time my brace held and I was able to regain control as the wave passed me and paddle into safety.
This was by a landslide the highlight of my day.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera mount so I didn't get any video, but I can say I surprised myself with how I handled it, and was a little proud of myself when I came out of it.

This place is action packed with caves, tunnels, sea stacks, and passage ways.

Brian was the only one who went through the little tunnel, and he made it look easy.

Here is a shot of most of us.  Cathy and Sue were right behind me.


This one stood out to me.  Had to add it in.

Our routine lunch break!

After lunch we carried on around the shore just far enough to see the rig at Bull Arm then turned around to head back.
Spotted a Bald Eagle up in the trees.  I love seeing these birds up close, impressive animals.

Heading back was pretty much a straight paddle until we got across the harbor where a few of the bys stopped to have their last bit of fun for the day.


Here is a quick little video of Dean having some fun:

Definitely a day I wont forget!
We all had a lot of fun and the scenery here is unbeatable.
Hazen, Dean, Brian, Sue, Tony, Cathy, Ron, Clyde, Derrick,
Thanks for the unforgettable day!


  1. Yes, it was an excellent day Shane. Lots of spectacular scenery and a litte bit of excitement. I wish I had thought quick enough to get a picture of you getting over the second wave but my mind was preoccupied with concern for you and Derek. There wasn't very much of Shane to see when the second wave broke on you. Very well done!

    Tony :-)

  2. Thanks Tony!!
    I can definitely understand that people would be more concerned and focused on the situation than to worry about pictures ;)
    I will from now on have my camera mounted and ready to go just in case tho haha