Sunday, May 8, 2016

Placentia - Camping Begins

A few weeks ago Terry had mentioned going out to Placentia again for the weekend and I said I would join if the plans went ahead.  Friday came and Terry was still a go for the weekend so on Saturday I packed my gear and met Terry in Placentia.
When I got to Placentia me and Terry geared up and went out for a little play.

There wasn't too much exciting on the first day of our trip as far as current goes...

So after an hour or so we decided to load up our camping gear and find our home for the night.
Terry remembered seeing what he thought would make for good camp sites up the Northeast Arm. 

Mirror calm as we made our way up the arm.

Just when we thought we were short on luck we found our spot for the night.

First thing was to get our tents up and sleeping bags organized before it got too dark.

Nice waterfront view for the evening.

Terry got to cooking Tenderloin steaks and oinion right away...and it smelled amazing!

I had to make a fire to cook my supper because I wanted to try out a camp grill I made.

 Once I had my grill set up I  threw on my salmon steaks and sweet potato.
Me and Terry both had a great feast!

When we got to our site and took a walk around we saw what we thought was a lot of bear droppings in several different spots, and I gotta say this made me nervous haha.  Once supper was done we did a good clean up and sealed our food and cookware in our kayak hatches for the night.

Then it was just time to relax and enjoy the fire for a few hours.

When morning came and I finally crawled out of my tent Terry was cooking us oatmeal for breakfast.

We didn't waste too much time before packing up after breakfast and getting ready to head back to the bridge to catch the action we came for.

I believe this is what they call Ontario Islands.

It was a little choppy when we got around the islands, and a good slog back as we were paddling in to 25 km/h +  winds.

When we finally got back to the slipway we unloaded all of our gear and took off to have our fun.

Myself and Terry had a great first camping trip of 2016.
Our first day was pretty calm and was mostly about the camping part of the trip, but the second day is where things got a little more exciting!
I put together a little movie of the day.  I only got the first half of the day then my camera died but it gives an idea of what we got into anyway.
Check out my video here:

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  1. Awesome Shane!! Great camping spot :)...Nice surfs ... I wanted to keep watching :)... We thought of you guys when we were enjoying a relaxing paddle in the sun on Satuday to Brock Pond Falls:)