Sunday, August 30, 2015

Great Colinet Island

 Last week Dean decided he would like to do a little camping trip and asked a few of us to join him for the weekend.  We made a weekend trip leaving from Admirals Beach, around Great Colinet Island, and back again.
We left St. John's around 9:00a.m. and before long we were at Admirals Beach filling our boats with gear.

We weren't on the water 10 minutes and saw a handful of seal so I had to try to get a little closer for a picture.

Few good shots to start the trip with.  

Straight across from our launch at the top of the island was a small overhanging cliff I thought made a nice picture.

I missed taking pictures at lunch but we stopped at a little beach, relaxed for a few minutes and had a snack before our trip to camp.
After we ate we made our turn to come down the outside of the island and just a short ways down came across a deep cave everyone had to play in.
I've got a video of this I'll post within the next few days.

I like this one. Good Picture.

Derrick, Dean, Gary all in a row

As we got to the bottom end of the island we come into some rougher conditions and so for some it was play time.

There was a little family of seals as we came around the bottom of the island but I didn't get any good pictures.  We carried on and made our way back up the shore to our campsite.

Perfect spot to camp for the night.  Everyone set up tents on the beach and myself and Dean found a few trees just up the hill into the woods a bit where we could hang our Hammocks

Most comfortable sleep.  I have some work to do to get my hammock outfitted like Deans but it still beats a tent.  I love this thing.

Shot of mine and Deans hammocks.  Deans is the fancy one ;-) 

Supper time!!  One of my favorite parts of camping.  Tonight's menu is striploin steak and KD.

My little supper time setup.

Most of us were on this end of the beach while the honeymooners Tina and Derrick ate down by their tent.

No one had anything bad to say about the supper time view.  You can't beat this kind of stuff.
"It'll change your life"

After the meals we gone and everything put away it was time for our camp fire.

My camera skills aren't good enough to show off how awesome the full moon was but I gave it a good effort anyways.  The moon lit up the whole beach, what a great night we had.

After a few drinks, stories, and a couple good laughs we finally packed it in around 11:30.
Great first day to our trip with seals, caves, perfect camp and amazing views!

When the morning came we all took our time, had some breakfast, and packed up our gear for the trip back to Admirals Beach.  We found a few caves on the way back and as you can see some of the scenery was pretty incredible.  This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.

Shot of Julie and Dean

Good picture of Tina and Derrick in their cedar strip boats.

More cliffs and caves.  That's the stuff I love to see.

This one is another favorite of mine.  The picture doesn't say enough.  Its so awesome to take this kind of stuff in while your sitting in a kayak on the open ocean.

I tried to add some videos but I'm having trouble getting them on here.  I'll try to add them later I might have to put them in a new post. 

As you can see from the pictures this is a beautiful area and I would do this trip again in a second. Huge cliffs, sea caves, seals, the list goes on.  Thank you so much to all the people on the trip and thanks to Dean for inviting us all along for an excellent weekend.
Kayaking / Camping is by far my new favorite thing to do and I hope to get a few more trips in before the summer is through.

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