Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Greenland Paddle Build

After trying out a few of the guys greenland paddles I decided it was time to make my own so here is a few pics of my first greenland paddle.

The paddle is made of spruce, cedar, oak, walnut, and padauk.  The paddle is still fairly light because I only used accent strips of hardwood.

The center of the paddle is spruce and cedar.

The blade of the paddle has a small strip of walnut which shows a really nice accent on the loom then the outer edge is oak with a padauk tip.

I'm working on my second paddle now.  There isn't much difference except I'm using spruce with very few knots...if any, and I'll be replacing the walnut strips with padauk to match the tip.
I really enjoy woodworking so this was a great project for me.  As with the first of anything its a bit of a learning curve but it turned out really nice all the same.  I'll post better pictures of my second paddle when I have it finished.  Until then anyone who is considering making their own greenland paddle here is a few links to help you out with your new project!

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