Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pictures From Our 4 Day Kayak Camping Trip

Just leaving the beach in Burnside.  Everyone excited to get the trip started!

I thought this was a cool shot of Dean with a view.

A close up of the last scene.  Looks Awesome!

A little Group meeting with Hazen, Ron L, Ron S, and Terry to confirm our course.

Love this Picture.  Flat Calm.

Setting up our first nights camp.  Tried out my new Hennessy Hammock and loved it.  I got a few good tricks from Dean to go with my next setup.

Except for a few short minutes we had great weather with a perfect camp side view.

After we got settled it was supper time.  Most of us brought a treat for the first night, steak, pork chops, chicken burgers, baked potatoes, a can of corn...or two.  All cooked on an open fire and it was delicious!!

We had a great fire and a few drinks to relax and the weather topped it all off.  You could pick out every star, not a cloud in the sky.  I got a pretty good night shot of our beach view.

The second day was a bit choppy but it made for a fun day of paddling.

Little clip of out trip on the way to St. Brendan's

We made it to flat islands and set up camp for the second night.

The views around the place were amazing

After camp was set up and we had some supper it was time for a fire.

Got a good one of the whole group enjoying our beachwood fire.

Heading out on our 3rd day to explore Flat islands

Came into a small cave it was shallow so we could see lots of fish and jelly fish.

Came across a small collesction of lobster pots on our way back from mussel picking.

Found a bigger cave we all had a turn exploring.

Jelly fish movie..Big Jelly Fish

Hit a little bump in the road...we could have went around but this is more fun.

Last shot I got of Dean, Terry and a few other by's playing in the waves.

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  1. Hey, Shane.. glad to see another fellow kayaker with a blog. Even though you ,Tony, and I were on the same trip it's nice to see someone else s perspective... Look forward to future entries.