Monday, May 2, 2016

Beachy Cove Solo

Today was a beautiful day with warmer temperatures, sunshine, and a very light breeze.
I had nothing to do after work today so I thought it would be a nice evening to get out on the water.
I didn't bother sending out an email because most of my kayaking friends were just out yesterday to Bay Bulls and I didn't think there would be much interest so I loaded my gear and took off to St. Philip's

Making my way out.
I decided to head toward Beachy Cove for a short relaxing paddle.

The water was pretty calm heading up and even flatter coming back.

I like caves a lot so I always manage to stop and poke my nose in this little one.

A little passage way we always make our way through.

It wasn't too long before I got to Beachy Cove and I pulled my boat on the beach and went for a little walk.
Nice little falls just up from the beach.

This is by far my favorite picture of the day.  Chances are this one will be hanging on my wall very soon.

Another shot of the beach.

After I had my little walk and relaxed on the beach for a few minutes it was time to head back.
Up on the Beach ready to do a...

Seal launch.

Thought this was a nice picture too.

And of course to finish the day...

Nice relaxing evening on the water.  Can't think of anything I'd rather be doing.

And just for an update the neck seal I put in my semi drysuit works perfectly, I didn't have a single drop of water on my shirt.


  1. Sweet entry Shane! Love the pix and the roll :) ... nice to bring us through that passage with you :)

  2. Fantastic. Brings up a memory for me as this was also my very first solo paddle when I first started paddling, but I had 'big' waves to contend with that were quite scary at the time...