Saturday, April 29, 2017

Conception Harbour

I'm booked up with family stuff over the next two weeks and today was the better day for kayaking this weekend so I sent out an email to the crowd to see who was interested.  Dean and Hazen wrote back so this morning we met up at the TCH Irving and took off to Conception Harbour.

After an hour drive we got the boats off the cars and all geared up to go.  Dean giving a pre game speech before heading out haha ;)

Crossing the Harbour to make our way up to Salmon Cove Point.

Myself and Hazen have a bit of sciatic pain sometimes, so once we crossed over we jumped out on a beach for a quick stretch before heading up the shore.

As always we take the path closest to the rocks!

This is the main reason I wanted to come here today.  A little passage just at Salmon Cove Point.  I missed the pictures of really big swells that came crashing in just as Dean made it through.  This little passage doesn't look like much but if you get the right...or "wrong" set of swell you could be in a bit of trouble through here.  Fun today though!

Great Pic!

The low...

And the high!
Honestly though the set of swells just before this one was MUCH larger...larger to the point where the feeling would go from fun to scary haha.

Just down the East side of Salmon Cove Point we found a calm little spot to stop for lunch before turning back.  I liked that we just pulled up on some rocks today rather than finding a nice easy beach to land on.  Something different I guess.  It took a little extra care getting out and back in our boats but it was all part of the fun!

Heading back to Conception Harbour.

 Good ol' buddies Dean and Hazen!

Hazen as we're crossing back over.

And of course, you can't go to Conception Harbour without taking a a few shots of the sunken ship.

Great time today!  
Nothing too crazy but still good fun.

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