Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wednesday Night Kick Off

Yesterday was our first Wednesday night practice for the year.  
We get together every Wednesday evening to play/practice in St. Philip's and depending on the weather we'll either head to Topsail Beach, Portugal Cove, or if its really windy we'll stick close to the cove and play.

There is still a good bit of ice packed in along the shore on the way down to Portugal Cove and this was my first time ever seeing pack ice like last week so it was fun to get out and explore a bit in my kayak.

Tony was the first one out and I wasn't far behind so we played around the ice a bit while we waited for Brian and Terry.
Decided to park my boat on an ice pan and take a break....and a picture!

  Cool how you can see a much larger mass of ice under the water.

Brian having a run at our "Ice Hopping" night.

When Terry caught up we took off to Portugal cove.

I took my RG tonight because I expected a small bit of swell to play around the ice and the rocks, but it was a fairly calm night with just small wind waves.  It was still a fun night but a bit of extra effort for myself and Brian in our shorter kayaks.

 Still some pretty large ice pans kicking around... looks like Mini Bergs to me.

Our favourite passage on the way to PC.
A little blocked up with ice but we managed to squeeze through.

At one point I paddled up onto an ice pan and asked Tony to take a picture...Thanks Tony!
I did a fun little seal launch off of the steeper ice pan next to me.

We made it as far a Beachy Cove and decided we had out fill for the night and headed back to St. Philip's.

So that wraps up out first Wednesday night practice of 2017!
Nothing too crazy but fun all the same...I can't think of too many time I didn't have fun in a kayak!

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